2018 – is it too late to resolve?

A friend of mine threatened to unfriend anyone who wished her a "Happy New Years" because "it's singular"..."New Year!" That made me think, why do some people do that? One reason, I think, is because of the New Year's Resolution. Of course you might say "new year resolution", but that wouldn't be grammatically correct. New Year's Resolution is a pretty [...]

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Writing vs Speaking – is there a difference?

I read another great post today on Men with Pens. This post, titled How to find your writing voice leads with the same picture as this post (yes, I stole it). My point: when [...]

Writing the Icebreaker: Part one

For the next few days, let's learn about crafting an Icebreaker speech for a Toastmasters meeting. The Icebreaker is generally the first speech given in a Toastmasters club, [...]

Holiday Review: 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday, especially for Americans. Plenty of good food, great times with the family and ... uh ... lots of explosives! Recommendation: Buy [...]

Professional Speaking: The one-pager

Are you using the best market tools at your disposal? What have you shipped lately? In the book The Six Figure Speaker, author Cathleen Fillmore discusses a "one-pager" as [...]

Toastmasters: Why the DCP?

Are you a member who struggles to understand (or care about) the Distinguished Club Program? Imagine yourself at a running track, and all of your Toastmasters club members [...]

Toastmasters: Starting the new year

We’re already on the road to having a great year! Over 380 Officer positions were trained this season just in June! Great job to all of those that helped with TLIs in [...]

Speechwriting: The Introduction Primer

How do you craft an introduction for a speech? One method: Use the three phases of speaking: Know Your Self List all of your attributes that make you a unique and credible [...]

Toastmasters: 2 pages = a speech

A friend of mine (I'll call him Paul) made this comment to me last night: "You know, it just takes two pages to make a speech." He was referencing that we both are [...]

Too many ideas

I love hearing great ideas. But more than that, I need to hear great ideas backed up with an action plan, a person to lead the charge and a team ready to support it. Bring me [...]

Book Review: The Six Figure Speaker

The Six Figure Speaker, Formula for a Six-Figure Income as a Professional Speaker was written by Cathleen Fillmore. It is a series of short, easy to digest chapters [...]