2018 – is it too late to resolve?

A friend of mine threatened to unfriend anyone who wished her a "Happy New Years" because "it's singular"..."New Year!" That made me think, why do some people do that? One reason, I think, is because of the New Year's Resolution. Of course you might say "new year resolution", but that wouldn't be grammatically correct. New Year's Resolution is a pretty [...]

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Speaking Tips: It’s okay to listen

What is one of the most difficult skills to improve on as a speaker? If you read the title you probably guessed it. Without a doubt, the toughest speaking skill I've seen [...]

Speaking Tips: The importance of language skills

Ever notice something that didn't sound quite right? Late last week I was walking by someone well dressed, wearing a tie in fact. He was speaking into his cellphone and I [...]

Book review: No Laughs to Know Laughs

No Laughs to Know Laughs by Rory Vaden was published in 2007. This is a book designed to help people who feel they are currently in the "No Laughs" category to learn how [...]

Saturday tips: don’t confuse the readers

Thanks to everyone who has taken my survey. If you haven't had a chance yet, click on to my surveymonkey link and help me with my research. Just five quick questions about [...]

Book Research

Some of the material I want to include in my book will require some serious research. I've already found some of the statistics and material I need, but I'd also like to get [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 More world-class blunders

Ed note: I received some nice feedback on yesterday's post about providing too much information, so I'll go ahead and strike again while the iron is hot. Blunder #1: Assume [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 Mistakes to Have Fun with

Looking for a way to ruin that perfect speech? How about a tried-and-true method to disengage with your audience? Tired of people asking you to speak again? What if I told you [...]

More Writing for Speakers

Some of you might have read some of my previous posts about writing, and think, "I don't want to write every day, or even every week". Until 70 or so days ago, I felt the same [...]

Speaking Tips: Vocal Variety

In a few recent Toastmaster speeches, I've been told that I need to work on my vocal variety. I've never been a monotone speaker, either in my own mind nor from the [...]

Website updates

This week, I'll be trying out some new software to see if I can improve my speaking web site, www.robchristeson.com. I'm going to try Microsoft's Visual Web Developer 2008 [...]