PowerPoint failure


What do you do when PowerPoint fails?

Here’s the good news: PowerPoint never fails. The bad news, only you (the presenter) can fail. That is, of course, from the audience’s point of view.

That may sound a bit unfair (especially if you read it aloud), but it’s really not. Any aspect of your presentation can cause problems (i.e. lost notes, lack of practice, or bad slides), but you control how you handle those problems. In the case of a busted PowerPoint presentation, you have two choices that are totally dependent on you:

1. Be prepared so you can recover:
– Have other visual aides (i.e. handouts, flip chart, etc) ready if they are critical to your presentation
– Have the slides printed in case you were planning to use them as notes
– Practice your presentation with and without the slides, so you can work it either way

2. Fail because you weren’t ready

Your call.

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