PowerPoint success


Are you struggling with the question of how best to use PowerPoint in your next presentation?

Not long ago, I was one of those many out there who thought I was the one that knew how to use PowerPoint correctly in all of my presentations. Oh, yeah. I used the correct bullet format, eliminated needless words and even made sure to never show the audience my back. That’s right, I was just about average.

Then a friend suggested that I move beyond PowerPoint, and I found I had another “unique” struggle. You see, I didn’t just use the program to display my outline and stats, I used it as my primary source of notes. In fact, I used it as I developed my content, not just after.

So here was his thought: “Rob, you can still use PowerPoint for your presentation, just don’t show it to your audience.”


“Use it as you develop your presentation, and then you can print the slides out to use as notes.”

So now, even in presentations where I may need to show one or two slides with specific pictures or stats, I can create a 10-slide .ppt file, and only show slides 5 and 8 (or whatever) and set the rest to “hidden”. That way, my printout still has my outline, but the audience only sees the slides they need for effect. The rest of the time I use the “b” button feature (blanking the screen) to keep the attention where it belongs (on Rob).

If you find yourself looking for a way to ween yourself off of the PowerPoint train, give this idea a try and see if it works for you too.

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