Prepping for the day trip


One facet of my involvement in Toastmasters is that I periodically attend meetings as a member of our District 22 leadership team. Tomorrow, we’re having our District Executive Council (DEC) meeting in Kansas City. Missouri or Kansas you ask? Doesn’t matter, since it’s a three hour drive either way. I guess I should find out though, before I leave here at 6:30 in the morning.

Being the Lt. Governor Marketing means that I’m in charge of the marketing efforts for our entire district, including all of Kansas and Western Missouri. Also, it means I have to give a report at the meeting, and lead a one-hour training session before lunch. It would be so cool right now if I felt more prepared, but running one club contest last night and being chief judge the night before has left me a bit drained. Actually, I’m not complaining. I volunteered for each of those things. And I’d probably do it again next week.

For the training, I’m going to lead a panel discussion (Facilitating Discussion Advanced Manual – speech #1) on Club support, specifically on coaching methods to help out the clubs in our district that are having challenges with membership. I have two other experienced leaders that will be helping, and the main focus is going to be the Q&A led discussion. I anticipate that it will go pretty well.

In other good news, I finally received my replacement hard drive from HP. You may remember in an early post that I mentioned my Laptop crashing in the Newark Airport a few weeks ago. Well, I finally finished reloading everything back onto the hard drive, so I’ll have it with me at the meeting tomorrow.

Three tips (that I just thought of) to success in training presentations:
1. Preperation
2. Sleep
3. Don’t drive more than two hours before the presentation
4. Bonus tip: Talk to the Human!


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