Primer: Make a to-do list


Tonight’s exercise: Make yourself a big audacious to-do list.

No. Not a “get the groceries, wash the car, do 17 push-ups” kind of list. Instead, spend the next 5-10 minutes brainstorming things you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have time for. Think Big!

Here are some examples:

Learn a foreign language
Rent a Ferrari
Finish your Associates Degree
Go to China
Take a cruise
Start your own company
Get married

You get the idea. Once you’ve made your list, go on to the next step.

Pick three items from the list, and describe how you would do it if time, money, and other people were no object.


Go to China
– I’d pack just a carry-on bag, and plan to buy more luggage on the trip
– I’d leave tomorrow on a first class flight
– I’d see all of the sights – The Great Wall, Hong Kong, and Disneyland
– I’d buy a travel guide to make sure I didn’t miss anything

Start your own company
– I’d quit my current job
– I’d start a website and a blog to advertise and connect with my customers
– I’d print up some nifty business cards. That’s right: nifty.
– I’d get a storefront to sell my <stuff>.

Learn a foreign language (say, Italian)
– I’d buy an “Italian word-a-day calendar”
– I’d buy Rosetta Stone and do an hour every day
– I’d find someone Italian I could practice with
– I’d label everything in my house with the Italian word for that object

Now that you’ve done that, take another look at your list. Some things seem out of reach (i.e. flying first class to China tomorrow), but some things are in reach, like buying the travel guide, printing some nifty business cards, or getting a word-a-day calendar.

Pick one of those small steps and add it to your real to-do list for tomorrow. Have fun with it, and take one step closer to a real adventure!




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