Professional Speaking: The one-pager


Are you using the best market tools at your disposal? What have you shipped lately?

In the book The Six Figure Speaker, author Cathleen Fillmore discusses a “one-pager” as the One Essential Marketing Tool for professional speakers.

Here are the components of the one-pager as described:
– Bio
– Personal logo and mission statement
– Photo
– Three speech titles
– Blurbs about each speech
– Client list
– Testimonials

A couple of recommendations from the book:
The photo should be professional, a full body shot, and not contrived
Take a look at other professional sites for examples of Bios
Position yourself as a solution provider – an expert, not simply a speaker

So here’s the challenge: Come up with a draft one-pager in the next week. That is going to be my goal, and I’ll post the result on this site by next weekend.

Creating the one-pager isn’t expensive or particularly difficult. It just takes work. Like Seth Godin says, do the work – ship!

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