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Every now and then I find someone else’s blog that flat out impresses me. Today, one of my friends at work told me about a blog that I will talk about shortly, but that one led me to others that I think are truly remarkable and dare I say it…awesome., written by Sonia Simone isn’t simply remarkable in name. The content, frankly, knocked me out of my seat. Seriously. I read two of her posts, 7 Dumb Things Small Businesses Do and 7 Things Big Dumb Companies Do That You Can’t Afford (Especially Now) and I was thoroughly impressed. These blogs are aimed at small businesses, like my own consulting business. Oh yeah, The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done might just be on my top 10 favorites of the year. Not Kidding. If you’re not a flake, you won’t understand., written by Naomi Dunford is simply awesome. After reading a couple of posts, I listened to a 20-minute video lesson on how her site makes money. Very informative. Plus, it was very easy to listens to, entertaining, and…oh yes, awesome. The site started out based on her consulting business, helping really small businesses with their marketing. The tagline is Marketing for Businesses without Marketing Departments.

This led me to another blog that I found interesting, and where I found the picture at the top of this post. is subtitled the Internet made awesome, which is a phrase that I am now totally jealous of. After reading a few of his posts, I found myself really enjoying his writing style, and laughing quite a bit. His area of expertise is web hosting, blogging and he’s a big proponent of WordPress. All hail WordPress.

Finally, the blog that started it all for me today: This site has a plethora of ideas and how-to’s on writing copy for your blog or business site. Tons of information on social media, writing so people will read your copy, and some solid humor spread throughout. What led me to other blogs was that this particular blog has multiple contributors.

So, the other shoe: be prepared for a bit of colorful language. There’s nothing my 7th grade son hasn’t heard at school (unfortunately), but it’s there none-the-less. It doesn’t detract, but I just wanted to warn you since I’ve written topics about that sort of thing before.

So what common threads do I like about all of these? I’m glad you asked! First, they totally strike me as real. That may come off as understated, but if (like me) you have read some of the crap out there in blog-land, you will know what I mean by real.

Second, they all provide plenty of free content to try for yourself (and it’s really good). I signed up for a couple of their e-mails, and they are not “sell you crap” marketing zombie-ware.  

Third, they all have a genuine “get off of your a..” style that makes America great, and lets you know you are in for some work if you want to be successful. Not a “click here to get rich” concept like you have no doubt seen on other sites. It was an odd coincidence to me because I saw (and responded) to a LinkedIn post today asking, “how can I make money with a blog?” I had a lot in my brain when I read that, and I responded to tell him to have some worthwhile content, do his homework, and expect to do more work than just wait to get rich. Later, when I was reading these blogs, I felt the same sense of “it’s not easy, but it’s worth it” from all of them. Gotta respect that.

A couple of quick disclaimers: all of the links above are direct links. No affiliate links to make me money or anything. I’m telling you I like it because I like it, straight up. It’s not that I’m opposed to affiliate links. In fact, I expect to have some up on my site next month, and that will include one for Johnny Truant’s site (the human that makes the Internet awesome). But those will be on a separate page, and not hidden scammily into my daily posts. 

If you know me at all, you know I enjoy writing my own blog, and I enjoy knowing people read my work. Also, you know I enjoy reading too, and that’s what led me to those blogs. If writing or blogging is your thing too, start with the copyblogger site, and make sure to check the rest out as you have time. Of course, my blog still belongs in your “must visit” list, but what kind of a human would I be if I kept all the awesome stuff on the Internet to myself?

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