Renew your commitment


Sometimes, you need to look at that goal, plan, or new years resolution and renew your commitment. In the spirit of not missing any opportunity, here is a look at some posts that can help you focus on your future in the month where most folks lose that momentum.

Are you finding ways to succeed, or are you stuck looking for no? After reading Alan Weiss’ website, I had an immediate “ah-ha” moment when I read about how some people saw good news as simply a prelude to coming bad news. They see every turn representing potential trouble, every new person as a threat, and each new request as a burden. Read the post to get some ideas on how to work with the nay-sayers.

Remember the 37-second rule: Based on the way the human brain is wired, you only have 37 seconds to capture an idea before it’s lost…possibly forever. Don’t lose those opportunities! Read the post for some tips to capture those ideas.

Stay on course. This time of year it can be easy to get distracted. The holidays are over and the resolve to keep that resolution is replaced by the resolve to slip back into old habits. Give yourself a check-up. Read the post to learn how to identify the signs and keep moving toward your goals.

Finally, don’t forget to relax once in a while. It’s okay to take a break and recharge the batteries.

Don’t let the new year slip by without achieving some of your goals. Hopefully you’ll find some useful tips in these posts, and you’ll find the resolve to keep moving forward each and every day…

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