Review: The new iPad


Have you heard about the new iPad? Although Apple decided not to call it the iPad 3, it is the third version of the wildly popular tablet that everyone else is desperately trying to catch up to. I’ll go ahead and refer to it here as iPad 3, for clarity.

I’ve only had mine for a day, but I feel ready to pass judgement. Awesome!

Going from an iPad version 1 to the iPad 3 clearly seems worth it to me. Here are a few reasons:

The enhanced display. This new “Retina display” is fabulous. Although it isn’t significant in the HD movies (already HD on the iPad 1 & 2), apps and pictures look a whole lot better. One small detractor (for non-models) – the hi-res is a bit too good for looking at yourself in the camera.

Cameras. Not a big deal to iPad 2 owners, but having the two cameras is a great reason for iPad 1 owners to upgrade. Although I still intend to use my flip for videoing my speeches, the iPad 3 will make a great option and allow me to capture stuff I might otherwise miss. (It’s drastically better than my android phone’s camera).

Footprint. A little lighter and thinner than the iPad 1. Not a deal maker, but a plus.

Facetime. Video conferencing can be a nice perk, especially for travelers.

iCloud. I haven’t tried this yet, since I need to upgrade the OS on our home system to use the full features. I’ll post an update once I try it.

There are a couple of small detractors – nothing new to Apple fans:

Every extra thing costs more than it should. Although, you can find some iPad 2 products on sale now, even though they fit the 3.

Right this second, really, a woman two seats over (at Barnes & Noble) is on Facetime on her iPad (could be a 2 or 3). I’m trying to be at Barnes & Noble, here…

Everyone in the family will want to borrow it. Yeah, that happens. Deal with it.

Overall, I’m glad to have The New iPad. I think it’s worth a look for iPad 1 owners, and stupid-rich iPad 2 owners could do worse with their money…

Note: This post was written on the Worpress app for iPad. All hail WordPress.


  1. It is amazing to see the screen up that close. It looks great from the normal view as well. I like to stream movies on my iPad using the DISH Remote Access app, and the Retina Display makes them look brilliant. Any movie or show that I have recorded and even live TV can be streamed to my iPad. LTE plays a big part in streaming too. Within seconds, I can be watching movies and shows. Just the other day, I was on lunch at DISH where I work, and streaming Just Go With It. I must say Jennifer Aniston looks amazing for her age, and the Retina Display just works for her! Haha I like the iPad though. It really is one great machine.

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