Saturday tips: don’t confuse the readers


Thanks to everyone who has taken my survey. If you haven’t had a chance yet, click on to my surveymonkey link and help me with my research. Just five quick questions about your social networking use, and no personal information is requested or collected.

Also, if you noticed that I didn’t have a post on Friday, that’s because I finished Friday’s post Thursday evening, and posted it then. No sorcery or anything, I just wanted to have the post out early because it included the link to my new survey.

I’m thinking about some format ideas for the blog, and one of them includes doing a weekly book review. Nothing fancy, just something to keep me on track with my own reading objectives, and give me some practice in a different format of writing. For the most part these would be business books, but every now and then there could be something else.

Short post tonight: Happy Holloween!

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