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How much do you know about how search engines operate? Do you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is?

I like to look at what topics people are searching for that lead them to my blog. For one, it let’s me know what is working on my site. Secondly, it gives me some ideas for future posts. That second one is a secret that the pros use, so don’t tell them that you heard it from me…

Anyway, I’ve been looking at some of the recent terms used, and I thought a couple of them were interesting (i.e. funny to me)

The first one that surprised me was “fareeba amiri”. I have no idea what that was or when I wrote it. I had to Google it myself just to see. It turns out that she is a person, and she posted a comment on my blog. That comment made my post #7 on the search results for her name. Maybe I’ll write a post on comments driving traffic.

The second one was “toastmasters scam”.  I know I’ve never written about that. I had to go to page 2 (#12 overall) on the Google search. Turns out I wrote a post once that had the word scam and the word Toastmasters in it. No ideas come to mind there.

Since I did a series of posts on the Toastmasters International Convention, I still get quite a few search hits on the International Contest and the contestant names. Nothing new there today, but I’ll probably have some updates after this weekend’s District 22 Conference in KC when I hear Lance Miller (2005 WCPS) speak.

I get a lot of hits on variations of “how many dtms in toastmasters” that lead to my post called Is a DTM really Distinguished? (spoiler: the answer is Yes). Maybe it’s time for a more concise post on how to achieve your DTM.

Internalize not memorize ranks me #4 for a post on preparation I did. I could probably do a new post on that topic, so on the list it goes!

At least a few times a week I get hits for various book reviews. Today that reminded me that I’m a bit behind on my reading, so I’ll wrap this up and head home to read my next book.

What questions are people asking that you could answer? If you have a blog, take a look at the stats and see what search results bring traffic to your site. If you pay attention and provide content that your audience is looking for, you’ll have a more successful site and increase traffic to your site.

If you don’t have a blog…what are you waiting for???

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