Should you write?


More times than I can count, as a speaker I’ve been advised to write and I’ve heard other speakers advised to write. Write a book, write articles, write a blog. Write…write…write.


I’ve heard some pretty good reasons

1. Establish your credibility

2. Earn income

3. Organize your thoughts

The first two reasons are probably the most common ones I hear. Everyone wants to make money, and establishing credibility helps lead to those additional income streams as well.

The third one, organizing your stories, your points, or those lessons you have is one of the lesser talked about reasons to write, but it seems to me to be the most important.

Side note: it’s also one of the main advantages to staying in Toastmasters and giving speeches. The ability to take what you know and put it into structure you can reuse will allow you to be ready with content whenever you need it.

When I write, I like to think about what I have learned recently, or maybe something I’ve been asked but didn’t necessarily have the right answer. Then I commit it to pen (blog).

One reason I like to blog is I can put my writing in categories, like writing tips, speaking tips or book reviews. Also, blogging allows me to get feedback in the comments and see how well my writing is received. Finally, it makes it more real, at least to me.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you write on paper, use a desktop app (like MS word) or Blog (i.e. WordPress) the fact is writing is still writing. Even if you never decide to publish a book or sell your writing in some other way, you can still benefit from the act of writing.

Organize your thoughts – your stories, your points, your lessons


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