Speaking about Blogging for Speakers


I took my post from Sunday night about blogging for speakers and made into a speech for my Toastmasters club tonight. Some good came from this effort:

1. Stage Time
2. Completed a CC award (Competent Communicator)
3. Had all the members of my club write “I, name, will write no less than ___ words per day for the next 30 days”
4. I believe some of them will fill in a number and give it a try
5. Picked up a new line – I used Craig Valentine’s line about 747 words and dreams taking flight. My evaluator mentioned setting the Cessna 182 (single engine plane) as his goal. priceless

For the speech, I used this format:

Opening: Question asking “are you looking for ways to improve your speaking?”
Told them the three points: definition of blogging, difference between writing and blogging, and how to choose between the two
Exercise: Write the sentence I mentioned above in bullet #3 (with the blank)

First point: defined blogging

Second point: difference between writing and blogging – blogging is writing the whole planet can see.

Third point: Blog if you want feedback, just write to a MS Word file if you’re not ready to take that step.

Conclusion: pick a number, fill it in and begin your journey…

See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg3Es4f8Y3Q

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