Speaking about Reading while Driving


A few nights ago, I posted some thoughts on how to read while driving. At our Semi-Pro Toastmaster’s club meeting last night, I gave a 7 minute speech about the topic and posted it on YouTube

If you decide to watch it, you’ll probably notice a few things specifically:

1. I had 2 main points
– You have to read to keep up
– Books on CD are the way to fit that into your schedule

2. I did manage to get a few laughs
– I started by asking to raise your hand if you have too much free time
– Somehow my reference to an on-the-cheap car stereo (boombox in the passenger seat) was amusing “Who has $40?”
– Call back to another speech about a person finding new work
– Evelyn-Wood-read-at-the-stop-sign joke from the post

3. I had some mistakes
– “I’m going to tell you the secret to reading while driving” instead of “You’re going to learn…”
– Stood in one area (this was partly intentional to stay centered on the video)
– Not very solid vocal variety – this is a recurring theme
– A few obvious reference to my notes
– 58% sounded like 15%

4. Nobody collapsed from stage fright

I had a good time turning that post into a speech and watching it on YouTube gave me an opportunity to see things I can use again and things I need to improve on.

Like I said in the conclusion…pick up a book and turn the key!


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