Speaking about what should you talk about


At my Toastmasters Club tonight I gave a speech on my recent post about “What should you talk about?”

Below is a cut-out of the handout I gave during the speech:

Prompts to help generate speaking ideas:
1. What have I spoken on before that people enjoyed? What feedback did I get?
2. What have others in my club spoken on that people enjoyed? Is there something related I could speak about?
3. What has been missing from our club meetings? Has anyone spoken about shopping on-line, job interview tips, or anything that might interest our club?
Brainstorm on each of these for just 3-5 minutes. This should give you a pretty good list. Next, answer the questions more fully for each one.

This gives you two really great choices. First, if it’s been a while, give a similar presentation. Go back to that manual and look at the feedback. Make a few adjustments and give the speech. Second choice: Give a follow-up presentation. You could talk about privacy settings, having a fan page, or how fun it is to follow famous people. Follow the same thought processes for the question #2 ideas, and for things missing, think about what you know and what you’d like to learn. Be creative, and remember that by limiting your scope you can do two things. 1 – keep their interest and 2 – save some topics for a later speech.

Stuff I’ve spoken about
1. Taxes
2. Fantasy Football
3. Evaluations
4. Blogging

Stuff others have spoken about
1. Facebook
2. LinkedIn
3. Hybrid Cars
4. Family

Stuff I wish someone would speak about
1. Cell phone dangers
2. Running Meetings
3. Why pizza should be a USDA approved food group
4. How to make a YouTube video

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