Speaking Tips: Selecting a Topic


Have you found yourself with an opportunity to give a presentation, and no idea what to talk about? Maybe you are trying to decide on that next Toastmasters speech topic. You are about to learn a method that you can use next time you have to give a presentation.

Think about three things that you are good at, and that the audience could have an interest in. It could be anything; doing taxes, car repair, designing aircraft, public speaking, fishing, car racing, bowling, blogging, Xbox…you get the idea.

Take those three topics, and come up with a single idea about each. For the above ideas, for instance you could use using a specific tax software, the best equipment for bass fishing, and how WordPress makes you a better blogger.

Give those three topics to the meeting organizer, and ask which topic would work best for that audience. Try to do this in advance. Then, when you have your answer you can prepare and deliver a presentation that works for you and your audience.

Now all you have to do is be good at three things, right?

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