Speaking tips: Stop telling me about “I”


Do you want to avoid an easy and common mistake in presenting your views?

One thing that too many speakers do is use “I” focused sentences. You know what I mean, “I want you to learn…”, “I’m going to teach you…”, “I hope that you will…”, and on…and on…and on. It comes from how we learned to speak in the first place (all about me). So how do you fix it?

The obvious answer is practice, but what do you practice, and how?

Be “you” focused. That was easy to say, but you may wonder what it means?

  1. Turn the “I will…” statements into “You will” statements
  2. Change “I hope to teach you…” into “you will learn”
  3. Get rid of “I was successful doing…” and replace it with a story about a third-person expert/success that inspired you and will inspire the audience

It’s tougher than it sounds, and it takes time and practice. Just remember, your audience is “I focused” too. If you spend all of your time on yourself and not on them, your connection will suffer, and so will your credibility.

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