Speaking tips: Using your Hands


Using hand gestures can be problematic for some speakers. Even award-winning speakers sometimes wonder what do to with their hands, especially when they are in-between gestures. This is a problem that you see many speakers deal with (or not) on a regular basis. Should I hold my hands in front, behind my back, or maybe in my cargo-pant pockets?

This is one of those things that just takes practice, and you can look at other speakers to see what looks right to you. Chances are, you’ll see that having your hands comfortably at your side is more natural than anything else. The trick is making it feel natural. If it feels natural to have your hands in your pockets, you’ll have to practice doing it differently. That means you’ll be uncomfortable for a while before you get comfortable again. That’s okay…that is what practice is for!

Using gestures, including those in-between gestures can be easy, once you’re used to it. Your goal may not be to become an award-winning speaker, but with a bit of practice and time on the stage, you’ll have a more natural look, feel more comfortable, and make a better connection with your audience.

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