Speechwriting: Creating an Introduction


This Thursday I’m giving a speech about how to create your own introduction.

Key points: you provide the introduction to the MC (or Toastmaster). The introduction should meet these three criteria:

Set the Stage
– What does your audience need to hear?
– How will they be helped?
– What can they expect?

Establish credibility
– Why you?
– Why now?

Avoid the irrelevant
– Titles and certifications that don’t apply
– Self serving
– Extraneous information

If you are the one providing the introductionm remember these points:

Don’t improvise
– Use what the speaker gave you

Don’t surprise
– Make sure the speaker knows what you plan to say

Don’t upstage
– Avoid “I” stories (i.e. “I saw him speak and…”)

Conclusion: Put together an introduction for every presentation you give. Even if it’s not used, it will help you focus your presentation and plan for what the audience needs.

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