Believe it

A good rant is worth a thousand words

Whether in speaking or writing, it generally considered a good idea to be brief. I was reading The Edited Life (a blog about writing) again recently, and saw [...]

Why social media is fun

As I sit here watching the final minutes of the SuperBowl, one of the things that has made this game more fun has been following the tweets and FaceBook posts [...]

Coming Soon: 50 Best Blogs of the Year

Are you tired of reading every random person's attempt to show that they are tuned in to the blogosphere?  Are you equally tired of the word [...]

Happy Football-Family Day

Are you tired of people asking what you are thankful for? It's like the only topic we're allowed to talk about today and tomorrow, right? Of course, you [...]

National Friend Week

Have you heard that crap about national unfriend day? Well, now it's time to fix the damage. Make this holiday week your own National Friend Week [NFW]. Some [...]

Why you Engliz so poorly?

Have you received any of those Nigerian scam e-mails, where they offer you 20% of the cut if you support their totally legal transfer of $3 Million (or [...]

Customer Service – the Magic Words

Have you ever wondered what magic words you could use to get better customer service? I seem to remember, in the good ole days, my Grandfather telling me [...]

Holiday Review: 4th of July

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday, especially for Americans. Plenty of good food, great times with the family and ... uh ... lots of [...]

The Dilbert Attention Challenge

On Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog, Scott issued a challenge to write a piece of <500 words in his comment section, with the goal of creating a piece worthy of [...]

Break time: Enjoying Dilbert

Editor's note: Dilbert is a copyrighted comic strip written by Scott Adams that shows the humorous side of working in the cubicle world. I clipped Dilbert's [...]