Chip and Dan Heath

2014 – Happy New Year’s post

With so many friends and such posting book lists on Twitter, Facebook and their blogs, I thought I should do something original and post my favorites of 2013 [...]

Book Review: The Myth of the Garage

Note: This is only available as an e-book, and it's only available for free. Go to: to pick it up. I [...]

What to Read?

This last year I've read a ton (at least a few pounds) of books, especially on marketing, the web, consulting, writing and speaking. I created some reviews on [...]

Find your message

Do you struggle to get your ideas heard and remembered? Maybe you are having trouble deciding what your core message is? Maybe you don't know that you need a [...]

Book Review: Made to Stick

Are you struggling to get momentum behind your message? Recently, Seth Godin posted a blog entry about the phrase drill baby drill. This has become a catch [...]

Book Review: Switch

Switch - How to change things when change is hard is the new book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, who were the authors of the bestselling book Made to Stick. In [...]