Daniel Pink

Why now?

What makes you or me (or anyone) take action? There's a need, and then there's a reason that the need surfaced now. In other words, there's a "why" and a [...]

Holy Cow – Dan Pink has a podcast

I don't know if you've heard of it, but the 1-3-20 podcast with Daniel Pink is out there, it's free, and it's just plain awesome. Daniel Pink is my [...]

Daniel Pink in KC

Tonight I'm at the Kauffman Founders School to see Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human, speak. I've been a fan ever since I read Drive and A Whole New [...]

Books to look forward to

It's just now 2012, and I already have a full reading list for the coming year. Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?: Trick Questions, Zen-like Riddles, [...]

Do you have an old mind?

I'm finally reading Daniel Pink's book, A Whole New Mind. This was written before his excellent work on motivation, Drive. Drive had a lot of buzz, and I read [...]

Book Review: Drive

You've no doubt read different theories about motivation. and you've probably heard different methods about how to motivate others and the opposing thought [...]

Are you motivated?

Yesterday I mentioned Daniel Pink's freakin' awesome book, Drive. In there he discusses the two types of motivation that we are all familiar with, as well as [...]

Human nature and business

Are you giving your customers the $2 treatment? I'm reading a very interesting book on motivation, called Drive, by Daniel Pink. There is a point made early [...]