Ed Tate

2017 Toastmasters Convention Prep

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming next week, and once again I can’t wait to be there! There will be great speakers, awesome contests [...]

2016 Lady and the Champs – Women in Speaking

No matter how much I learn about speaking, there's always room to gain insights and new ways to connect with an audience. This weekend, I get my annual [...]

Opening – scene of the crime

As I was working on my speech for the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, I was listening to a storytelling lesson by Darren LaCroix, and he reminded [...]

Dude, you speak too fast

How could this happen? I've done such a good job (I think) in slowing down my speech as I continue to practice and improve. But lately, the feedback I've been [...]

Time to start writing again

Wow, I've been letting myself get distracted by too many things, and not continuing one of the most important habits I developed a few years back...writing. [...]

2013 EDGE Net summit – Cincinnati

Today is a great day to hang with the champs. Darren, Ed, Lance and Mark did an outstanding job as always! Below are my raw notes with some [...]

Lady & the Champs 2013 – Ed Tate’s keynote

Ed Tate keynote - Influence Without Authority How to achieve breakthrough results Great opening story about getting tickets to the US Open Speakers never [...]

2012 TI Convention – Thursday EDGE Breakfast

Thursday morning started off with a free EDGE event for members of the World Champions EDGE. Mark Brown, Ed Tate, Darren LaCroix, Jim Key, Lance Miller and [...]

2012 Toastmasters International Convention

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming next week, and I can't wait to be there! There will be great speakers, awesome contests and lots of [...]

Edge Summit – Sunday 21 Aug

Have you ever taken in more information that you can process? Some of the notes below may be familiar to you if you've read my blog before, or if you've [...]