Lance Miller

2017 Toastmasters Convention Prep

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming next week, and once again I can’t wait to be there! There will be great speakers, awesome contests [...]

Learn to ignore feedback

I was watching Alan Weiss recently on Periscope, and he was discussing self worth. One of his pieces of advice was to "learn to ignore unsolicited [...]

2013 EDGE Net summit – Cincinnati

Today is a great day to hang with the champs. Darren, Ed, Lance and Mark did an outstanding job as always! Below are my raw notes with some [...]

2012 TI Convention – Thursday EDGE Breakfast

Thursday morning started off with a free EDGE event for members of the World Champions EDGE. Mark Brown, Ed Tate, Darren LaCroix, Jim Key, Lance Miller and [...]

2012 Toastmasters International Convention

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming next week, and I can't wait to be there! There will be great speakers, awesome contests and lots of [...]

Speaking like a store

I was recently listening to an audio lesson from Lance Miller, and he mentioned that some folks ask him about being a professional speaker. When asked what [...]

Edge Summit – Sunday 21 Aug

Have you ever taken in more information that you can process? Some of the notes below may be familiar to you if you've read my blog before, or if you've [...]

Toastmasters: Why you won’t win your contest

Have you been practicing? Working on your contest speech? Did you manage to win your club, area or division contest? You probably did it one of two ways. [...]

Toastmasters: Lance Miller in KC

Editor's note: this post is a compliation of my notes from Lance Miller's visit to Kansas City on 17 March 2011. 52 Toastmasters attended the 2-hour [...]

Convention: Lesson 1 – Responsibility

As I walked into the room, there we no people there. There was, however, a good size stage and about 300 chairs, silent in anticipation of a future audience. [...]