Speaking Tips: 3 More world-class blunders

Ed note: I received some nice feedback on yesterday's post about providing too much information, so I'll go ahead and strike again while the iron is [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 Mistakes to Have Fun with

Looking for a way to ruin that perfect speech? How about a tried-and-true method to disengage with your audience? Tired of people asking you to speak again? [...]

Question 1: Ace your next Interview

Do I have your attention? In this post, you're going to learn some strategies for handling the one dreaded question: "What is your biggest weakness?" You may [...]

Leadership tips: The to-do list

When I found myself out of work back in February, I wasn't sure what the right course of action was, other than my obvious "look for a job" plan. With some [...]

Reading while Driving

 Have you ever tried to read a text message on your cell phone while driving? I hear that it's a tough thing to do, and not very safe. But what if you want to [...]

Front Page News

I read a post by Seth Godin today that caught my attention. It wasn't on WordPress (shame!), but since the blogger is also a rather famous author, I figure [...]

Done…but not Perfect

I finished editing the content of my first monthly newsletter tonight. I found a template that I liked and finished populating it with some info that I edited [...]

Writing Tips: Writing because you can

According to sources, thousands of you have taken my challenge to begin the process of writing something every day for the next 30 days. Well, at least I [...]

I’m not reading fast enough

How many books do you read per week? Per month? Per year? I'm told that once Americans finish school, on average, they read less than one non-fiction book [...]