Not going in the Book

Toastmasters: Is a DTM really Distinguished?

Editor's note: If you're looking for information about earning your DTM before or in the new Pathways program, click here.  The Distinguished Toastmaster [...]

Small Business Set-up

Tomorrow I'm going to the SCORE workshop here in Wichita. It's a session on starting and growing your own small business. In my case, a one person consulting, [...]

Prepping for the day trip

One facet of my involvement in Toastmasters is that I periodically attend meetings as a member of our District 22 leadership team. Tomorrow, we're having our [...]

I have nothing

Have you ever come home from a day in the life, and realized your tank was pretty much empty? If I could pay $2.39 for a gallon of thought right now, I'd be [...]