2016 Lady and the Champs – Women in Speaking

No matter how much I learn about speaking, there's always room to gain insights and new ways to connect with an audience. This weekend, I get my annual [...]

Pro tips: Bring your own gear

Recently I was asked to speak at a conference, and in the pre event discussions we talked about set up and equipment needs. I was asked to bring my own laptop, [...]

Inside humor

Have you ever heard a speaker deliver an inside joke? Did you feel included? If not, did the joke make you feel left out? Now imagine yourself with the [...]

Speaking Tips: Remembering the lessons

Have you found times as a speakers where you made a mistake, even though you already knew how to avoid that mistake?  I recently gave a session to about 50 [...]

Deliberate Practice – Toastmasters Style

This week I'm reading Talent is Overrated (finally) by Geoff Colvin. In this book, he asserts that talent is a myth (or at least it's attainable - not a [...]

Going Pro? Try the third alternative

There are a lot of ways to do things as a professional consultant/speaker, and they can usually be summarized into two main categories - do it yourself or get [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Golden Gavel Dinner

Carolyn. Kepcher. Delivered. What an amazing evening. Toastmasters International 2010 Golden Gavel recipient, Carolyn Kepcher gave a keynote speech to be [...]

The Cost of Losing Business

What happens when you make things too automatic for your customers, and an annoying error occurs? Answer: You could lose the sale. In the last few [...]

PowerPoint failure

What do you do when PowerPoint fails? Here's the good news: PowerPoint never fails. The bad news, only you (the presenter) can fail. That is, of course, from [...]

Colorful Language – Pro’s and Con’s

Is it appropriate to use colorful (i.e. foul) language in your communications, i.e. when quoting someone else? This question came to me recently from a friend [...]