The value of free content

Are you tired of "free content" that leaves you needing to buy something to really get the value? There seems to be a number of different marketing ideas out [...]

Black Friday: The power of preparation

Did you wake up at 4am on Black Friday to get a jump on the holiday shopping? You may thing that only a crazy few of us were out there driving in the dark, but [...]

Speaking about Reading while Driving

A few nights ago, I posted some thoughts on how to read while driving. At our Semi-Pro Toastmaster's club meeting last night, I gave a 7 minute speech about [...]

Front Page News

I read a post by Seth Godin today that caught my attention. It wasn't on WordPress (shame!), but since the blogger is also a rather famous author, I figure [...]

The Lifelong Learning Trap

Raise your hand if you think that there has to be an instructor, a classroom, and a fee for lifelong learning to happen for you. Have you fallen into the trap [...]

Ace your Opening

Imagine yourself standing in front of a room full of people, all waiting for you to begin your presentation. Now imagine that you begin with the words "Did you [...]

Freeze the Design

As promised, I've worked on my introduction. This was one of my goals leaving Champ Camp last week. I need introductions for anytime I speak on on of my areas [...]

Day two in the life

Have you ever wondered just how many random thoughts you have per day? If you were sitting next to me at my computer as I write this, you'd probably be [...]