Seth Godin

Book Review: Linchpin

I'm not going to lie to you. When I received the opportunity to be one of the first to receive Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin - Are you Indispensable? [...]

Book Review: Small is the New Big

Another gem by Seth Godin, Small is the New Big is a series of riffs (which could be translated as blogs or short stories - Merriam-Webster defines riff as a [...]

It is not their fault

Are you having trouble connecting with your audience? Maybe it's not all their fault. Seth Godin says "if your target audience isn't listening to your [...]

100 Posts in 113 days

What happens when you post blog entries at a clip of nearly a post per day? In truth, you get a lot of good advice from around the globe, and you learn a lot [...]

Book Review: Inbound Marketing

Part of being the Talk to the Human guy is the need to understand my medium. Inbound Marketing, written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah is a part of the [...]

Reading while Driving

 Have you ever tried to read a text message on your cell phone while driving? I hear that it's a tough thing to do, and not very safe. But what if you want to [...]

Front Page News

I read a post by Seth Godin today that caught my attention. It wasn't on WordPress (shame!), but since the blogger is also a rather famous author, I figure [...]