Going Pro? Try the third alternative

There are a lot of ways to do things as a professional consultant/speaker, and they can usually be summarized into two main categories - do it yourself or get [...]

Toastmasters Convention – President’s Dinner Dance

It's been a fast-paced week with a plethora of opportunities for Toastmaster from around the globe. Personally, I had a wonderfull time and accomplished a lot [...]

Toastmasters Convention – Lunch with the Champs

I just had a really great time at the Champions Edge lunch here at the Convention. Mark Brown (1995), Darren LaCroix (2001) and Lance Miller (2005) were all in [...]

SpeakerBlogger.com is Live!

http://www.speakerblogger.com/ I've been working with Arlen Busenitz on a new project, and we have taken it live this week. SpeakerBlogger.comĀ is our new [...]

What’s your Message?

You have your customer. Now it's time to think about how you deliver your message to him/her. We'll stick with the example from the last post, you as an expert [...]

Who is your customer?

Does it feel like your customer is everybody, but nobody is buying? You may be falling for one of the key trapsĀ that exist in every industry: not properly [...]