2017 Toastmasters Convention Prep

The Toastmasters International Convention is coming next week, and once again I can’t wait to be there! There will be great speakers, awesome contests [...]

Opening – scene of the crime

As I was working on my speech for the Toastmasters International Speech Contest, I was listening to a storytelling lesson by Darren LaCroix, and he reminded [...]

Clear and Simple

Darren's #10 Speaking Mistake was, Not Getting Clear on the Message. (more on his top 10 list here). I was asked recently, "What if I don't have a point for [...]

Toastmasters: Winning your Area Contest

Just one short week after my club contest win, I competed in our Area Contest. I was representing my club in the International Speech Contest category; I did [...]

Toastmasters: Winning your Club Contest

My club held our International Speech and Table Topics contests yesterday (Thursday). After my District win in the Fall Evaluation Contest, I decided to pursue [...]

You must get them involved

When you speak to a friend or your boss, do you simply talk for 30-minutes without a pause? Do you ask a list of questions and proceed without hearing any [...]

Toastmasters: What does YOUR club need?

Have you ever gone into a situation expecting a certain outcome, and found that you misjudged the situation completely? Recently, I ran a brainstorming [...]

Five things to have on stage

I recently read a writing prompt (The Writer's Idea Book, Jack Heffron) that suggested writing about the 5 things you would want to have with you if you were [...]

Good Toastmaster Lessons

Here's three important lessons you should know about Toastmasters: 1. Toastmasters has the flexibility to let you choose your path to success. Many [...]

Toastmasters: Say it ain’t so

Say it ain't so! Last night I gave a not-so-well prepared speech at my Toastmasters club. I chose the Competent Communicator (CC) Project #4 - How to say it. [...]