Toastmasters: Why you won’t win your contest

Have you been practicing? Working on your contest speech? Did you manage to win your club, area or division contest? You probably did it one of two ways. [...]

Speaking Tips: Remembering the lessons

Have you found times as a speakers where you made a mistake, even though you already knew how to avoid that mistake?  I recently gave a session to about 50 [...]

Toastmasters: Go to your conclusion

Have you ever heard a timer briefing that included this line: "...and when you see the green light, that means you are good to go...when you see the red [...]

Toastmasters: Contests help you get better

Have you heard (or read) opinions about how competing, and even winning, a Toastmasters contest has no real value in "regular" speaking? I have, and I find it [...]

Book Review: Million Dollar Consulting Toolkit

  Alan Weiss, PhD has a long list of successful books. The book Million Dollar Consulting is considered "THE definitive work to grow a solo consulting [...]

Speaking Tips: Selecting a Topic

Have you found yourself with an opportunity to give a presentation, and no idea what to talk about? Maybe you are trying to decide on that next Toastmasters [...]

Speaking Tips: How to be Brief

After I wrote my post on why you should be brief, I received a request for a more practical "how to" series to improve your writing and speaking by being [...]

Planned Spontaneity – the speech

Tonight I gave a 9-minute speech on the subject of planned spontaneity, or the art of being ready to speak off-the-cuff. This was based on my post a couple of [...]

PowerPoint failure

What do you do when PowerPoint fails? Here's the good news: PowerPoint never fails. The bad news, only you (the presenter) can fail. That is, of course, from [...]

Speaking tips: Using your Hands

Using hand gestures can be problematic for some speakers. Even award-winning speakers sometimes wonder what do to with their hands, especially when they are [...]