Planned Spontaneity

How do you handle the need to speak off-the-cuff? Whether it's at a holiday party, a bosses request for a status report, or a job interview question you were [...]

Speaking Tips: Meeting Expectations

At this weekend's Toastmasters District 22 Fall Conference in Topeka Kansas, many people had the opportunity to see some outstanding presentations, [...]

Speaking Tips: It’s okay to listen

What is one of the most difficult skills to improve on as a speaker? If you read the title you probably guessed it. Without a doubt, the toughest speaking [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 More world-class blunders

Ed note: I received some nice feedback on yesterday's post about providing too much information, so I'll go ahead and strike again while the iron is [...]

Speaking Tips: 3 Mistakes to Have Fun with

Looking for a way to ruin that perfect speech? How about a tried-and-true method to disengage with your audience? Tired of people asking you to speak again? [...]

Public Speaking: Writing for Speakers

Should a speech be written before it is practiced and presented? I've heard a variety of answers to that question, and I've even made different choices in my [...]

Tell a Story

I recently heard a wonderful answer to the question, "Do I need to tell a story to get my point across?" The answer: "No, unless you want your audience to [...]

The need to compete

If you're in Toastmasters, you probably know that the fall contest season is in full swing. If you're not familiar, Toastmasters has two contest seasons, one [...]

3-dimensional winner

How do you prepare when you're going to give a presentation at work? Imagine that you have a 20 minute talk to give, and your plan is to just step on the stage [...]

Ace your Opening

Imagine yourself standing in front of a room full of people, all waiting for you to begin your presentation. Now imagine that you begin with the words "Did you [...]