Talk to the Human™

In August, 2009 I had this great idea for a tag line. It’s amazing what getting stuck in Atlanta overnight will do for your creativity. I was trying to think about what phrase or concept I could make uniquely mine, and how I was supposed to think about it with my new, broken HP laptop lying dormant on the desk in my hotel room. Did I mention it was new? Barely a month old and it froze when I was trying to capture some video in the Newark Airport terminal while waiting on my delayed flight to Atlanta. Since then it hasn’t been able to reboot.

Anyway, back to the creativity. During the Champ Camp I attended in Connecticut last week, I began thinking about my business strategy as an expert/coach in public speaking, leadership, and project management. I sometimes remark how things “really are here on Earth” or how things are different “when you talk to a human”. It made me think that “Talk to the Human” might be my thing.

The trick, of course, is to work it in to my repertoire without being annoying. I imagine I’d get pretty tired of some dude in the front of the room that kept saying “human” all of the time. People might start to wonder if I think I’m from another planet. I’ll let you keep guessing on that one. The point, I think, is to help people realize the value of eschewing technology once in a while and actaully talking to other people. See how I did that without saying “human”.  (rats)

Of couse, you don’t see me out standing on a rock right now. Here I am with my profound thoughts typing away on a very non-human (rats) keyboard. If you feel a need to call me on that, here’s my FAQ response: I’m working to refine my message in a safe, sterile environment so when I do talk to people (!) I’ll have a well-conceived, expertly-crafted message that reaches their hearts and resonates … my hand is cramping. I’m not saying to completely ignore the advantages of computer technology, I’m just saying not to rely on it as your only source of communication.

Needless to say, I ran out to godaddy and bought Stick with me and we’ll see where that goes…

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