The Back Cover of my Book


Are you wondering how I can have a back cover to a book that isn’t written yet? Some folks will tell you that it’s an important exercise to write the back cover first for a couple of reasons:

1. Coming up with what others will say about your book can help you focus on what will actually go in it.
2. It can serve as a catalyst for the process of putting your actual content together.

Please note: The quotes in this post are (currently) fictional. They are representative of who/what I’d like to see on the real back cover of my book, but I may only get my wife, son, and a cousin or two to endorse it. You never know.


Talk to the Human – real world techniques for getting communication off-line and on-point.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn from Talk to the Human™:

– Leading-edge tactics for turning leading-edge communications into real, live results-driven dialog

– 3 Keys for developing better communications by building a better foundation, preparing for success, and succeeding in the moment

– Dozens of methods to get results today in your business through better communication

What real Humans are saying about Talk to the Human™:

“Get off of the E-train and back to real life dialog. If you’re looking for a strategic advantage in your live business communications, read this book” – Business Week

“If you’re looking for real methods to be successful in face-to-face communications, this book is a must read” – Bruce Tulgan, author of Not Everyone Gets A Trophy

“If you buy only one book today, this is the book!” – Scott Adams, cartoonist, author, and creator of Dilbert™

“Rob does a masterful job of teaching you methods to know and understand your audience, prepare your message, and deliver it professionally and memorably. If I would have had this 10 years ago, I’d be $1,000,000 ahead today.” Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting

“Rob is very Funny” – Darren LaCriox, comedian, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, and author of  Laugh and Get Rich

“Rob’s lesson’s resonate with the speaker in all of us.” – Darren Hardy, Publisher and Editorial Director of Success Magazine


Clearly (to me) this needs work. I’ll probably refine it as I go along, and when it’s a bit better, I’ll post a new version (maybe as a .jpg to add some color and realism to it).

By the way, I mentioned the quotes were fictional, but here’s a secret: The Darren LaCroix quote is genuine. He posted it on my Facebook page a few weeks ago.

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