The book: Talk to the Human


I’m thinking that Talk to the Human – taking your communications off-line and on-point will be about using interpersonal communications skills, but with the twist of social media and other on-line communications thrown in.

First, a section for on-line communications:
Chapter 1 – definitions for on-line communications, such as social media, e-mail, blogging and the like.
Chapter 2 – a look at how these concepts are misused and ineffective.
Chapter 3 – discussion on what is effective about these forms of communication, and how to use them to move to the off-line talks.

Next section – transitioning to the face-to-face communications
Chapter 4 – Know your Audience
Chapter 5 – Design your Discussion
Chapter 6 – Tell your Story
Chapter 7 – Craft your Message
Chapter 8 – Practice and Prepare

Final section  – Style, the zero to 90% solution
Chapter 9 – One on one deliveries
Chapter 10 – techniques for the conference room
Chapter 11 – the keynote or seminar delivery
Chapter 12 – how to get there from here

Of course, you know what worries me now, right? You’re right! I’m getting to the point where I may have to actually put a book together to be published! This overview may (!) see some changes as I put the content together and decide how much I have in a certain area. The idea is that this book will help anyone out there have better success talking to the humans in their lives.

Here’s a funny coincidence: I was just looking at the post about the back cover to my book, and I noticed that I wrote that exactly one month ago, on the 3rd of September. What are the odds…

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