The Need to Fail


I’m starting to see why so many blogs fail in that critical 6-12 month timeframe. At first, it was tough to see; there are so many blogs with a short span on content. I could easily list a dozen, but what would be the point?

Since August of 2009, you have been able to read some of my best content on public speaking, leadership and other related topics. It’s been a great experience, but the time has come for a change.

For the next phase of this blog, it’s time to add a different structure and a more consistent plan. In May, I’ll be changing the format and doing a few new things.

Starting in May, I’ll put the speaking tips out on a weekly basis and a weekly tip for Toastmasters. Also, the book reviews are going to change as well (one per week was just too much).

Sometimes you have to see what doesn’t work to get to what does. An occasional failure can be a step to success. If you’re blogging and wondering if you can keep it up, perhaps you can think about a change in format and keep moving forward!

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