The value of coaching


What is the ideal outcome you’d like to experience? From Alan Weiss – Million Dollar Coaching (reviewed here)

Have you ever had a speaking goal to achieve, such as winning a speech contest or speaking in front of a larger group? Worried that practicing in front of your mirror, or even your Toastmasters Club, may not be enough? How do you overcome those obstacles and really deliver the presentation you know you’re capable of?

Are you concerned that needing a coach means you’re weak? As Alan says, “Requesting help is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. We all need help. Asking for it is a healthy sign”

Do you think you don’t know anyone who could help? Start by asking for a recommendation – someone to help you find help

Do you think no one is good enough to help? Narrow your focus – instead of looking for someone to help you be a better speaker, try finding someone who can help with storytelling, or using visual aides or maybe just someone to help manage Q&A sessions better

Why a coach? As Rich Hopkins says, you can Dramatically improve your Presentation Skills, Power-up your Individual and Group Communication Skills and Construct and implement your Communication Strategy with the help of a coach.

There is always room for improvement, but it can be difficult to do without help. Try getting a coach to help you with some aspect of your speaking and see the dramatic difference that help can make. For questions on coaching, contact me at

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