Throwback Thursday


I was listening to a webinar today from Naomi Dunford, and one of the questions led to some discussion about older content on our websites.

Since I’ve been blogging for about 5 years, this caught my attention. In the discussion, there was a reference to someone that had a recent link to a 2011 horoscope entry, which might be less than relevant as a current (2014) link. But then someone mentioned the Facebook trend called Throwback Thursday. This has been mostly used as a way to show/post an older photo to remember the good ole’ days. I’ve seen some of my friends post pictures of loved ones, or themselves in a more youthful time.

In the discussion, one idea that came up was maybe posting a “Throwback Thursday” post with a link to an older article or post that still has relevance, but might not be coming up in regular search results. I thought this was a great idea for reusing relevant content from my blog without being too annoying. I could be wrong.

We’ll see. If you have content that hasn’t been getting hits lately, try the Throwback Thursday concept yourself, and see what happens!

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