Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Board Briefing


Editors note: These are raw notes from the board briefing at the TI Convention. I’ll post updated info in the next week or so.

Today’s Toastmaster International Board Briefing had some very interesting announcements and some followup to previous announcements.

1. First, International President Pat Johnson addressed the coming dues increase – I felt her apology about the late notice was very sincere. She admitted they should have done better.

2. Immediate Past President Gary Schmidt discussed the strategic plan, including what has been achieved and what is yet to come.
– Growth and Retention
–promote youth programs – youth communication (a totally new program recently released)
— strengthen recognition programs
— refresh brand image
– Education Programs
–club level e-learning
— district financial system
— August and Mid-Year District Leader Training
– Revenue
— Dues Increase – to enhance services and support the strategic plan
– Global Impact – Innovate, Modernize, and Anticipate to Maximize the member experience
— Global Legal, Tax and Regulatory Compliance
— Digital content transition
–Enhanced Production and Distribution
— Mobile Web
Coming in the next two years
– 2011
–renew focus on leadership (define and improve program)
–reinvigorate mature markets
– 2012
— Modernize communication
— Improve club quaility
— <two items I missed>

3. Executive Director Dan Rex reported on
– 273,895 members
– 25,000 CCs
– 11,000 ACs
– increases in all CL/AL and DTMs

2008: Create the Future
Create the righ environment and teams
– create a strong leadership team
– control and reduce costs
– increase efficiency
– change culture
– build a strong partnership with the Board
– build capacity

– Focus on strategic issues
– develop the first real strategic plan
– provide resources
– be ambassadors of change

2011 projects
– capacity building
– branding implementation (<$600M that other corporations pay)
– recognition (next year’s DSP – District Success Plan)
– district accounting system
– enterprise software
– policy and protocol
– global legal and tax
– digital content
– club level e-learning
– customer service extended hours (12 hours)- web chat in 2012
– customer satisfaction surveys
– member census
– enhanced PR and marketing for club and district leaders
– enhanced web services
– Mobile web
– in-person district leader training
– youth project
– region advisor year two
– Enhanced District Leader Handbook
– Enhanced Club Leader Handbook

3. International Presedent Elect Michael Notaro

First Vice-President John Lau

Second Vice-President George

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