Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Darren LaCroix


Speaking “Outside” of Toastmasters for Fun, Profit and Club Building! was the first session of the day for Thursday at the convention. Has you probably know, Darren is a fan favorite, and the 600+ seat room was filling fast as the start time approached.

Darren’s opening was fantastic – he started by wearing a bow in his “hair”. Actually in was a “fascinator” that he borrowed from International President Pat Johnson.

His opening story led us through his introduction into the Toastmasters experience, and how he came to the realization that it wasn’t about him, but it’s about the audience.

He asked the audience how many wanted to look good on stage. “Be honest.” Many hands went up. Probably most of the room.

“You can look good if you can let go of wanting to look good.”

Why did you come to Toastmasters?

“To learn”
“Nothing better to do”
“Be a better speaker”
“Learn how to sell”
“Make money”
“Didn’t have self confidence”
“Fear” (not beer)
“Speak Better”

“No one came to Toastmasters to be a better speaker AT Toastmasters.” <--I've said this many times, because I learned it from Darren. When he hears someone say they can't speak at a TM meeting, he thinks "Shut Up". This is the greatest place to screw up. Don't try to climb your mountain (dream) alone. Follow the path of those before you, and build a better railing for those behind you. Alan's three questions: 1. Why you? 2. Who will pay you? 3. How do you reach them? (Alan Weiss) Editor’s note: I had to leave during the Mark Brown story – before the conclusion 🙁 If anyone has notes from the last 30 minutes, please let me know and I’ll update this blog and give you the credit.

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