Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Opening Ceremonies and Speakers


The convention is underway!

Cool stuff right off the bat:
1. Parade of flags (always awesome)
2. Seeing friends carrying so many flags
3. Free book from one of the featured speakers, Dave Logan – Tribal Leadership

International President Pat Johnson announced that over 1,900 Toastmasters are registered for the convention – the most in 18 years. She went on to speak about the rebranding, and recognize our brand ambassadors.

Then she read the story behind Where Leaders Are Made and spoke about how we grew with 1247 new clubs this year and are now in 116 countries.

Dan Nainan was the first speaker and an outstanding comedian. He opened by telling us his Dad was from India an his Mom was from Japan, so that means he gets his sushi from 7-11. He managed to keep the room laughing for over 30 minutes. Awesome!

Editor’s update: Dan invited the whole audience to his room for an after party. He even put his room #, phone # and Facebook (comediandan) on a slide for everyone to see. After I went to another party to celebrate District 71’s success (Ireland/UK), a bunch of us went to 5510 to see if Dan was for real. Yes! There was some singing, flute playing and even a few impromptu speeches. It wasn’t over when I left at 2…

Next, keynoter Dr. Dave Logan spoke about Tribal Leadership.
1. The conspiracy behind the lack of leadership
2. Using the missing piece in leadership
3. From public speaker to world-changing leader

He spoke about the combination of speaking and leadership, and how we as Toastmasters can take our speaking skills and catapult our leadership skills to the next level.

Rhetoric – the oldest subject in western civilization. It is the most powerful leadership tool.

There are 5 components, and most people are either good at the first, or the other four, but rarely all five:

What is this person/group/company trying to achieve?
What is missing, that if added, would change everything?

What is the essence of leadership?
– It requires the five parts of rhetoric
– Relies on deep listening and evaluating
– It focuses on tribes (simply a group a people that come together with common interest)

Awesome speakers, awesome book, and an awesome event. Next up…the hall of fame tomorrow morning.

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