Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Sunday Prep


Welcome to Las Vegas!

With the changes to the Toastmasters training schedule, I had to fly in to the convention location on Sunday in order to be here for the 6:30 am start tomorrow. I had to arrive this morning at 10:00am, since with all of the wonderful flight options, I had to choose between a flight at 6:20am and one sometime next Thursday.

The hotel was an interesting experience, of course. Somehow I was booked in the wrong tower of the hotel, but luckily a dude named Dave managed to correct the imbalance and get me in the right place.

I did some walking around and had lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, and the food there was fabulous (5-stars!). Dinner was with our LGET and the team from District 16, at Le Provencal in Paris. Tomorrow, it’s hotel-provided gruel (or whatever) at the training.

One of the many good things that came from the dinner was an idea from the District 16 team. They have a District Facebook page, and their DG (Matt) started a tradition posting “what I learned in Toastmasters today” recently. Look for me to steal this idea, oh, around Wednesday or so this week.

What I’m looking forward to tomorrow:
1. Getting to gather with old friends from other districts
2. Handing out my cool new business cards with the New Branding on them
3. Meeting some cool new people
4. Getting some new ideas about supporting our district
5. Waking up early thanks to the time zone dorking up my schedule

Other stuff – we’ll be putting together a presentation tomorrow evening for the Tuesday sessions. Look for details in tomorrow’s post, and I’ll probably put the results on the District 22 Blog.

Go Vega$!

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