Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Thursday sing-a-long


Tonight was the first official sing-a-long at this year’s convention. I came in a bit late, but in time to see Tammy Miller doing an amusing auction song.

Next was International President Pat Johnson, singing her annual song, “The River is Deep” (I think), for Past International President Ted Cochran.

Ireland’s own Nolan then put on a really funny set. When asked if he would go to an Irish pub on the moon, he replied, “no, there’s no atmosphere”. Then in a fantastically deep voice, sang “some enchanted evening”

The songs are continuing as I write this, and I imagine will go on for quite some time. This is one of the most fun events not included on the official program (even in Vegas).

In attendance includes Pat, Ted, Immediate Past International President Gary Schmidt, Region 3 International Director Pam McCown, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking Ed Tate and about 40 other members including a few of my fellow District Governors.


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