Toastmasters 2011 Convention – TM and You


The Toastmasters and You session is an overview of the roles of Region Advisor, International Director, and International Officer positions in Toastmasters International.

This session is presented at each convention, and is for district officers and members that want to learn more about the higher-level leadership positions in Toastmasters International.Yes, they are often called crazy people by many of their friends.

Each of the leaders on the panel discussed how to prepare for the roles, things they learned while serving and what Toastmasters has meant to them.

Here are a few eye openers:

Pat Johnson described her role as International President, and answered a couple of questions that revealed that she has a full time job outside of TM, and her position as International President “pays the same as an Area Governor and Club President.”

Length of membership as a Toastmaster (members of the panel)
Dan Rex (Executive Director) 21 years
Sue Haynes (Region Advisor, Region 12) 15 years
Emmy Hager (International Director, Region 2) 19 years
Mike Notaro (International President, elect) 26 years
Pat Johnson 28 years

Quote from the Executive Director, Dan Rex
“…there are those who build clubs when they wake up, and again before they go to bed. They are ones destined to be Region Advisors.”

Quote from Region Advisor, Sue Haynes
“Just do it!” – when asked what should those thinking about becoming Region Advisor do?

Next will be the board briefing – 1:00pm – 2:00pm pacific.

Personal Note: I ran into our District 22 Speech Champion, Ed Young, just before the session (he’s here – yea!). I can’t wait to see him compete tomorrow night!

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