Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Tuesday Training and a Peek at Branding


The Toastmasters International Convention starts tomorrow!! It’s gonna be sweet!

Spoiler alert: This evening I snuck into the room where they are having the branding workshop tomorrow. I was able to see some of the materials, and the next issue of Toastmaster magazine looks awesome – the fonts, the color scheme, the look overall is really sharp.

I also had early access to the District store. I grabbed a full set of newly-branded advanced manuals and a pack of CCs, plus new pins for my leadership team and a new DTM medallion. I also picked up some nice gifts for my DEC team…at least those who attend our meeting on Saturday the 27th. 🙂

Speaking of the training, today was an awesome experience. In the morning we did our district presentation for our region, and District 22 tied for second. D25 had the best presentation, with their new take on district newsletters. Twice a month they publish “Hot Topics”, and their other newsletter is “Action Now”. Both are blog based and designed to be quick and informative for their district leaders and members.

We saw some terrific incentive programs, as well as an innovative idea for using FaceBook by D16 in Oklahoma. They are publishing a short “What I learned in Toastmasters today” on their FB page.

In the afternoon we had finance training. Yahoo! That’s all on that.

Later we had our round table discussions. I sat in on discussions about communications, training district leaders, club support, and training club officers. Great discussions and some interesting ideas from other districts.

Also, our lunch session included hearing from our President Elect Michael Notaro. Focus, Fun and Follow-up were his keys to success. Focus on membership building and club building, every day. Fun – recognize, recognize, recognize. Follow-up – every task should have a date, and an expectation that that date will be met.

Tomorrow…stay tuned!!


  1. I sure hope someone at the convention might share the comic I created about rebranding w/ those in Las Vegas. I was inspired by the question: “What might Ralph Smedley think of re-branding?” And ‘yes’ I waited until August 17th before revealing the new logo and tag line.

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