Toastmasters: 2011 Spring Conference


Wichita Kansas was just host to the Toastmasters District 22 Spring 2011 Conference. International Director, Pamela McCown, 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking, Jim Key ( and Local speaker/author John Madden ( were all on hand to provide fantastic keynote and educational session presentations.

Saturday morning started off with Jim Key delivering his keynote presentation, Hitting the Mark: The Quest for Excellence. During this presentation, Jim shared how a single person could “give him permission to believe in himself”. He shared some examples where he may have given up on something important because of the naysayers, but the right encouragement allowed him to believe in himself for that one specific subject.

John Madden delivered his signature keynote at lunch, titled Leap Don’t Sleep. This wasn’t the first time I heard his presentation, and as usual he did a great job and kept the audience entertained.

In the early afternoon, Pamela McCown gave her amazing session, 5 S.T.E.P.S. to DTM. Grab the info here, and the card here.

After that, Jim’s session Speak Better, Quicker! was a fantastic session on how to use specific techniques to rapidly improve your speaking and some great methods to overcoming nervousness.

Saturday evening, Pam gave her keynote session, Get out of Toastmasters. After that, she ran our officer induction ceremony where the 2011-2012 officers were welcomed into office.

On Suday (as I wrote this), Jim gave his session, Maximum Inpact: The Art of Using Your Story. One of my favorite parts of this was when he discussed his remedy for those who say, “I don’t have any interesting stories…nothing interesting or usable ever happens to me.”

If you find yourself feeling that way, there is a simple solution: Live an interesting life! … On Purpose!!!

Another gem: To make the impact last, make the impact last. Since you cannot hear the verbal inflections, what that meas is to make the impact have a lasting impression, make the impact in your line the last thing you say.

I can’t list all of the amazing things Jim said (we brought him to our district so you could see for yourself).

The guest speakers, local presenters and fabulous contestants made the conference an event to remember. I’m looking forward to the October 28-29 2011 Fall Conference in Kansas City.

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