Toastmasters: Contest attendance


This morning (at 6:30 am), I’m driving up to Topeka to watch the Division T Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests. Division T consists of 4 Areas in northern Kansas, which encompasses the cities of Hays, Salina, Manhattan, Lawrence, Leavenworth, and Topeka (and probably another town or two that I’ll think of on my drive up).

Each area is eligible to send two contestants to the contest in each category, which means there will be as many as 8 humorous speakers and 8 evaluators competing to represent that division in the coming Fall Conference, Nov 20-21 (see for details and registration).

Speaking of District Conferences, I saw a video on Facebook (link is to YouTube source) last night that was created by District 30 in Chicago to publicize their upcoming conference in November (the week before ours). Good stuff. I think I’m going to try to do that in time for our Spring conference.

Short post…gotta run!

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