Toastmasters 2011 Convention – Monday Training


Today began our much anticipated District Leader training at the International Convention in Las Vegas. Imagine 20 hours of training packed into about 8 acedemic hours, with a homework assignments for tomorrow’s second day. And yes, we did finish the homework…

Today’s session included some strategy sessions, based on Dave Logan’s strategic model from his book, Tribal Leadership. I can’t recommend this book without reading it first, but based on what they taught us today it is now on my reading list for later this month. We discussed setting objectives, identifying assets, and driving the behaviors necessary to bring those objectives to fruition. Even in my third year of trio leadership, it astounds me the amount of planning needed to be sure that we are providing the help our members succeed in their goals.

I avoided scheduling any evening activities, and our team went out for a nice dinner at the hotel’s steakhouse. It was a good opportunity to relax and discuss some of the days events, and not be pressured by too many extra deadlines. No other evening this week will be as stable.

Tomorrow’s events look to be just as jam-packed. I’m really looking forward to the information and experience, and even more so to the Wednesday start to the official convention. The author mentioned above, Dave Logan is one of the featured speakers in the opening ceremonies. Looks like I’ll have to forgo the NookBook, and get a live autograph instead.

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